Best in Show – #7 El Vestido de Duende by Lyn Glaviano
People’s Choice – #43 Swan Lake, Not so Black and White by Galadriel Nichols
2nd Place – #33 Tubular II Sophiticate by Judith Bird
3rd PlaceSwan Lake, Not so Black and White by Galadriel Nichols
Best Student – #17 Crazy Card Creation by Emillia Nunn
Best Art You Can Really Wear – #1 Sophie’s Circles by Teri Nomura
Best Use of Material – #38 Etude in Black & Gold by Polly Fish
Best Hair – done by Dawn Gately of The Parlour Salon for Queen of Hearts
Best Make Up – done by Brooke Taylor for The Suns of Phoenix

A huge thank you to the 3 jurors, Terra Holcomb, Lisa Lyles, and Kelly Matlock who did an outstanding job picking 14 Art You can Really Wear  and 30 Fantastical pieces for the 2016 show

The Port Townsend Wearable Art Show is a story of collaboration and teamwork. The list of thank you’s is large, but we will start with Key City Public Theatre (KCPT) and Port Townsend Film Festival (PTFF)! Emcee/Director Denise Winter and her KCPT staff who expertly produced the show, and Janette Force and her PTFF crew brought the show to life with technical production.

Special thank you to KCPT photographers Phil Baumgartner, Gina Cox, Patricia Weedman and Eligius Wolodkewitsch, and Steve Mullensky, photographer for the Fund for Women and Girls; and PTFF camera and video crew Gary Engbrecht, Sonny Flores, Zoe Byrd, and Director Robert Force.

Applause for Port Townsend Wearable Art Show 2016 Artistic Director: Margie McDonald, Co-Coordinators: Marla Althouse & Debbi Steele, and Judge: Tony Gorzycki

Art You Can Really Wear Artists selected:

  • Crystal Taggart, It Is All Greek to Me – Tank Dress
  • Diana Gipson, Shibori Jacket
  • Heather Hicks, Urban Vestment
  • Jessica Ulmer, All Wrapped Up
  • Joyce Wilkerson, Mojo Mojo
  • Judith Bird, Shapes Shot Coat
  • Karen Snare, Wayfarer
  • Lyn Glaviano, El Vestido de Duende “The Dress of Spirit”
  • Lynn Di Nino, Party Animal
  • Monthu Myin, Cultural Celebration
  • Tamara Halligan, Stitching A Line
  • Teri Nomura, Sonia’s Circles
  • Vicki Youngs/Cathy Anderson, Snow Dance

Port Townsend Wearable Art Artists Selected:

  • Amy I Dahlberg – Caps a go-go!
  • Angie Murray – Fitting the Pieces
  • Crystal Taggart – History
  • Danielle DeGeus – After Water
  • Diana Gipson –  Construction Couture
  • Dongming Zhao/Carol J Salusso –  Flying Apsaras
  • Emillia Nunn –  Crazy Card Creation
  • Gladadriel Nichols –  Swan Lake:  Not so Black or White
  • Heather Hicks –  Tres Chic Antoinette
  • Judith Bird –  Tubular I – Carmen
  • Judith Bird –  Tubular II – Sophisticate
  • Kalina Ebling – The Suns of Phoenix

Kim Preston –  Get Your Heron (hair-on)
  • Lisa Doray – Funster
  • Luci Chambers – Wave
  • Lynne Morrow –  La Reina del Cosmos (The Queen of the Cosmos)
  • Mariamne Dean –  The Bird and the Cage
  • Marla Althouse –  Rolling in the Deep
  • Nadia Fisch – Game Changer
  • Paula pay la renta – Granny Gear
  • Rebecca Bartenetti – Forrest Queen Dress
  • Rebecca Bartenetti-  Flower Garden Dress
  • Rrutanna Lanphear-Ramirez –  Duchess of the Dye
  • Saundra Althouse –  Water Bottle Illusion
  • Sophie Pipia –  Sol, A One Woman Band
  • Stephen Snook – Faraday Constant F=eNA
  • Thomas Booth, Shannon Shelton –  Freya Viking Goddess Shield Maiden
  • Una McFadin – NASA Fashion
  • Working Image – Polly Fish, Etude in Black & Gold
  • Wylie Carter-Douglas – Queen of Hearts